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Nike Dunk High SB "Mayer Hawthorne"
The shoes were designed to coincide with Mayer's impeccable retro styling as he is most often seen in classic suits, vintage eye glasses and heat on his feet. For the base shoe, we chose the Nike Dunk High Pro SB Creed in a white / khaki / and light stone colorway. The shoes features color changes to the swoosh and toe box as well as an intricate plaid pattern in earth tones over the heel panel. And just so there isn't any confusion as to who these were made for, the Mayer Hawthorne logo was applied to the shoe's rear quarter. The sneakers were packaged in a tweed box with a viewing window and Mayer Hawthorn's logo screened on the top. As always, the shoes were hand-painted by JGoods himself and will never be reproduced again. Estimated Retail - Priceless

Everything from the design to the presentation of these shoes is documented in this video:

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