The JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit

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The JGoods™ Sneaker Customization Kit

Tired of having the same shoes as everybody else? Use this kit to change that. The JGoods™ Sneaker Customization Kit is the most complete outfit for sneaker customization in the world. This kit simplifies the process so it is easy for anybody to paint their own leather or canvas shoes, old or new. Written by celebrity sneaker artist JGoods™ and made in the USA.

Included in the kit:

  • JGoods™ Sneaker Preparation Wipes
  • One premium paint brush
  • Red, yellow, blue, black, and white JGoods™ Leather Sneaker Paint
  • One empty container for mixing custom colors
  • The JGoods™ One Page Guide to Sneaker Customization
  • Canvas bag to store your paints
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This video chronicles the customization process from start to finish using the JGoods™ Sneaker Customization Kit.

JGoods Customs, LLC

Welcome to the official website of the JGoods™ brand. JGoods™ is committed to providing consumers with the highest quality materials for the customization and upkeep of their sneakers.

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